Youth Classes

The CFN Feast of Tabernacles in Ft. Walton Beach, FL offers special times for our children to make friends, to learn about the way of God and deepen their relationship with Jesus. 5 days of activities are offered for our youth and young adults just before morning services.

Hometown Nazareth:
Children from 4-9 are invited to step back in time to “Hometown Nazareth.” Each class day, your child will glimpse the sights and sounds that Jesus might have experienced during his boyhood in Nazareth. As part of one of the tribes of Israel, your child will move from station to station, making crafts, speaking with shopkeepers and listening to Mary’s stories about her son. If you’ve ever wondered what frankincense and myrrh smell like, you might want to peek into the classes, yourself!

Parents tell us that these kinds of activities become a highlight of the Feast for their children. Each year we even find parents from neighboring feast sites bringing their children to the youth activities because of how much it means to their kids to participate in activities instead of just sitting on a chair. If you would like to volunteer to assist with Hometown Nazareth, please contact Jennifer Swenson

More than a Vacation: Being on the beach is a great family recreational experience. Inspiring church services are a valuable time for shared worship and learning. In addition, we believe that offering age appropriate youth programs which focus on loving God, Jesus, each other and building their faith makes the feast a better and more complete experience for our children.

What more could we ask than for the faith-building aspects of the Feast to be a joy to our children?